Donations & Allocation of Funds

What can be so complicated when donating or funding? Almost everything.

The money could end up somewhere else, fizzles out without having made any impact, or expenditures and return are out of proportion.

Well-managed donations or grants are characterised by the fact that they follow a plan and that thought is given beforehand to what should be different afterwards:

  • What impact will be achieved by this donation or this funding?
  • Is the intended form of the allocation of funds the right one? How much is needed to achieve the desired impact?

We do not have a ready-made solution. But we do offer individual solutions to make your allocation of funds as effective as possible.

Our services:

  • We help to find the right funding scheme for you - whether it is the establishment of a foundation, the management of a large donation or an investment with a combination of impact and return.
  • Together with you, we identify suitable topics, support you with the call for proposals, ensure the quality through analyses & risk checks and compile the portfolio
  • If required, we can take on the management of the donation: planning of the funding, call for funds, reportings and controlling. We rely on lean and proven workflows at every step in the allocation of funds.
  • Of course, we also support you in giving visibility to your donation and to yourself.

This is what defines us:

  • We currently manage large donations from 100,000 to 100,000,000 euros.
  • We act as a sponsor ourselves: We support many projects in various areas with money and resources. Therefore, we are familiar with the market and know which are the decisive levers.
  • We know how to set up a low-risk funding portfolio and take uncertainties into account.

What can we do for you?

Dr. Philipp Hoelscher

Management & Major Donor Consulting
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