Strategy Development & Goal Setting

Gradually planning and implementing societal engagement

A well thought out strategy for societal engagement describes a target status – and the way leading there. Including deviations. After all, successful strategies are characterized by the fact that they leave enough freedom to react to a modified environment.

What needs to be done and what is important to make our societal engagement more strategic and target-oriented? How can the degree to which targets have been met also be determined in volatile contexts? What if requirements change? – This requires always answers that are specific to the individual case.

This is the very reason why an approach that always follows the same pattern can never be an ideal strategy.

We always consider a strategy to be successful if it enables our clients to take informed decisions.

Our services:

  • We help you to thoroughly review the initial situation of your engagement – after all, a strategy can only be as good as the analysis on which it is based.
  • We support you in questions of strategy development & goal setting, including context analyses and needs assessments. In doing so, we apply both classic methods and modern approaches such as Design Thinking & Lego-Serious-Play.
  • We help you to develop target indicators and suitable data collection methods.
  • We assist you in all matters of complex project planning and project implementation.
  • Our focus is equally set on the organization and the people – therefore, we do not only consider the institution but also the employees and their competencies.

This is what defines us:

  • We provide systemic process and specialist consulting in one
  • We are familiar with the needs and expectations of various target groups because we regularly work together with non-profit organizations, foundations, the welfare sector, companies, the public sector and high net worth individuals. In our dual role as sponsor and non-profit organization, we also maintain a constant change of perspective.
  • We have in-depth knowledge and benchmarks from many areas - we know about the fight against child poverty as well as about education and climate change.

What can we do for you?

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