Corporate Volunteering - Strategically promoting volunteering

In Corporate Volunteering, employees get involved in social issues that are beyond the company's actual responsibilities.

Corporate Volunteering is a win-win situation for everyone:

  • Society, because it is receiving a lot of dedicated support.
  • Employees, because they work in a way that is very meaningful while acquiring new perspectives and skills.
  • And the company because it gains a better reputation, has more content employees and can effectively combine volunteering activities with personnel development.

A win-win-win situation!

Planning Corporate Volunteering in line with resources

Before you start planning Corporate Volunteering activities, it is a good idea to make a basic decision:

  • Should Corporate Volunteering be actively integrated into the corporate strategy?
  • Or are you interested in supporting the private engagement of employees, i.e. passively encouraging it?

If you want to actively integrate Corporate Volunteering into your corporate strategy, you need a concept. This concept should answer the following questions:

  • What objective do you want to achieve for the company, the employees, society and the nonprofit organization? What exactly is the added value for society and for your company?
  • How do you integrate this objective into existing corporate, corporate citizenship and human resources strategies?
  • Which instruments and formats are best suited for Corporate Volunteering?
  • How do you plan a Corporate Volunteering activity in detail?
  • How do you find specific nonprofit organizations that match you and your goals?
  • How can employees, the workers’ council and cooperation partners be involved?
  • How do you prepare employees for Corporate Volunteering assignments and how do you accompany such assignments?
  • How can Corporate Volunteering measures be communicated appropriately?
  • How can you tell whether a Corporate Volunteering measure is successful?
  • Which indicators can you use to measure the impact of Corporate Volunteering activities, quantitatively and qualitatively?
  • What pitfalls lurk on the path to successful social engagement?

As you can see, in order to turn good intentions into a positiveoutcome, some strategic preliminary considerations are necessary. By the way, we at PHINEO are happy to advise you on this!

Guide: Corporate Volunteering in practice

Information on how to approach a Corporate Volunteering strategy can also be found in our guide "Strong together - A guide to effective Corporate Citizenship in companies", which you can download below free of charge.

From the contents:

  • Corporate Volunteering - what is it good for?
  • Possible Corporate Volunteering formats
  • Strategic development and implementation of Corporate Volunteering
  • Legal issues of Corporate Volunteering
  • Determining and ensuring the effect of Corporate Volunteering measures
  • Communicating Corporate Volunteering skilfully
  • Finding suitable project partners

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