SKala – Moving people together

SKala is an initiative of the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten and PHINEO, a think tank and nonprofit consultancy for effective societal engagement.

The SKala initiative supports 95 nonprofit projects nationwide with a current total of 88 million euros. Funding is only given to those organisations that can be shown to have a strong social impact.

We at PHINEO are responsible for the development and implementation of the initiative.

SKala supports organizations that use different approaches to work towards a common goal: a society in which people stand up for each other.

Project partner: Susanne Klatten | Duration: since 2016

Which areas are eligible for funding?

In cooperation with us, Susanne Klatten has selected four areas eligible for funding which are particularly important to her and which have a high need for support:

  • Inclusion & Participation
  • Engagementt & Competence development
  • Bridge between the generations (aims to meet the challenges of demographic change and an ageing society)
  • Forgotten crises

SKala supports large and small organizations, both established and new projects from all over Germany. The organizations must be active in one of the above-mentioned funding areas, comply with the SKala funding criteria and operate transparently.

At PHINEO, we use a field-proven, scientifically based method to evaluate the potential impact and performance of an organization.

Susanne Klatten

"I thank all those who contribute to the success of SKala. First and foremost, the funded organizations that help people through their daily work and improve their living conditions"

How does the SKala initiative provide funding?

Financial support is given to organizations that use their resources to achieve a positive impact in society.

The need for funding is determined by SKala in cooperation with the organizations.The initiative gives supportat eye level, accompanies the organizations in a spirit of mutual partnership and keeps the most important aspectin mind - that the funds are being used to make a difference for society.

What happens with the money?

The SKala initiative focuses on transparency and lean structures.

As a signatory of the Transparente Zivilgesellschaft initiative, we at PHINEO have committed ourselves to making key information on the organization available to the public. This also applies to our work in and for the SKala initiative.

All further information on the SKala initiative can be found on the website

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