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Making change less random

How is it possible to constantly adapt to new environments, to keep changing form and structure and yet essentially remain stable? - By not only permanently thinking about Change but by making it an integral part of all activities. We help you to shape this process of change in a systematic and target-oriented way.

In doing so, we follow the systemic consulting approach: we do not have ready-made solutions, but enable you to find the right answers yourself. Our experience has shown that organizational development processes are only successful if they are initiated from within - while respecting the corporate culture and the mindset of the employees.

Our services:

  • Together with you, we analyze how strong or resilient your organization is in order to react appropriately to change
  • We advise and support foundations, organizations, companies, executives and teams in all phases of change and growth. From the analysis to the matching strategy and the implementation.
  • We stimulate the desire for change and create an agile interaction in organizations, companies and teams. Always keeping in mind the organizational culture and the employees - without building castles in the air.
  • We facilitate the dialogue with employees and stakeholders, systematically involve them and thus find solutions that receive a high level of acceptance.

This is what defines us:

  • From more than 3,000 organization analyses, we know that change management can only succeed if it is equally built on existing structures and involve the employees.
  • Our systemic approach ensures that we consider both the internal and external perspective.
  • At PHINEO, we have developed strongly as an organization over the last ten years: from being a start-up with a compact range of services to a sought-after player with a steadily growing product portfolio.

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