Doing good with money - and helping to solve urgent social challenges

A growing number of investors are looking for ways to use their capital as an engine for social good and to contribute to most pressing global challenges. We support them on their quest.

Whether (in the field of) climate, health, education, sustainable consumption or the future of mobility: there are countless societal challenges waiting to be addressed by new technologies and new types of alliances. Our approach: impact investing. i.e. investing capital with the intention to generate both social impact and financial return.

Impact investments are no longer a niche market but - as current global market figures confirm - an innovative, fast-growing segment.

The 21st century holds the promise of bringing together social, financial and technological innovation and achieving the best of all worlds. For this to happen, we need visionaries who are prepared to enter new ground with us.

We support our partners and clients in ...

  • analyzing markets as a basis for transparent investment decisions
  • identifying and assessing investment opportunities
  • developing and implementing impact-oriented investment strategies
  • monitoring, analyzing and reporting the impact of investment programs and funds
  • developing and realizing innovative impact investing models such as outcomes based models (i.e. Social Impact Bonds and Development Impact Bonds)
  • mobilizing private and public funds for impact investments and forming partnerships across sectors, both nationally and internationally
  • advising purpose-driven enterprises that are seeking to address social or ecological challenges with a viable business case
  • providing essential knowledge about impact investing

    In addition, we offer a wide range of further services for foundations and donors, around impact analysis and impact training.

    This is who we are:

    • We are among the impact investing pioneers in Germany
    • We combine impact and financial know-how in one team, including experience in the fields of private equity, investment banking and venture capital.
    • We are connected to all relevant players in the field of impact investing and are member of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing and the EVPA and contributed to the Impact Management Project

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