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Saving lives, protecting the environment, networking people – every day, many people and more than 600,000 organizations demonstrate their commitment for society. At the same time, the demands on their work are continuously increasing: the public and donors expect full transparency, funders request impact reports, employees require professional structures, not to mention the shortage of specialists, digitisation and New Work.

At PHINEO we are not able to halt this trend. However, since our foundation we have been supporting players from welfare, social enterprises and large organizations to design their working environments in a way to keep pace. As once in a while, also people helping others need some help.

That is why we support you to:

  • learn everything about impact-oriented management and the measurement of impact,
  • approach the continuous development of your organization; key words: resilient organizational structures, developing impact chains or impact logics, defining impact indicators, enhancing employee’s qualifications and their professional development, scaling successful models,
  • develop contemporary mission statements, visions, mindsets, strategies and goals
  • find useful methods of data collection and data evaluation,
  • carry out impact analyses
  • assess the feasibility of innovative financing instruments and impact-oriented disbursement models such as Social Impact Bonds, to implement them and to provide operational support
  • to set up a conclusive impact reporting, for instance, to demonstrate how your work has an impact on society and that you are making a significant difference

    This is what defines us:

    • We are familiar with the structures, procedures and needs of large institutions and organizations – including also those that provide services in accordance with the Code of Social Law.
    • We have experience in organizational development of large non-profit organizations with more than 100 employees.
    • It is our basic interest and part of our mission that welfare and non-profit organiziations effectively reach their target groups.

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    Linda Gugelfuß

    Major Donor Consulting & Impact Analysis
    +49 30 520 065 329
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