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Better intermeshing of politics, administration and civil societ

The state creates the framework for the functioning of our society.

Or less prosaic: the federal government, state governments and local authorities have to demonstrate daily that they in fact fulfil their responsibilities and, at the same time, develop solutions for pressing issues of the future such as demographic change, digitisation and the climate crisis. They are the ones who organize our democratic community.

Can it be done? Yes, of course! Because we believe in a state capable of acting. And we believe that politics and administration can expand their potential.

With this mindset, we are making every effort to intensifying the collaboration between the public sector and the non-profit organizations, for example by anchoring impact orientation in policy and at the organizational level.

Just like the economy, we support politics and administration in significantly increasing the social impact of their work.

We help to:

  • manage impact-oriented and to further develop organizational structures,
  • implement cross-departmental work,
  • jointly develop strategies, goals and complex impact logics that significantly contribute to solutions in political fields of action - also taking into consideration a participatory approach to stakeholder management
  • establish cross-sectoral cooperations between politics, civil society & economy
  • conceive, implement and evaluate projects and programs with a focus on impact orientation
  • examine the feasibility of innovative financing instruments and impact-oriented disbursement models such as Social Impact Bonds or Development Impact Bonds, to implement them and provide operational support

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Public Sector, Trisectoral Cooperations
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