Project Development & Support

Doing things differently is a good choice, but not always the best.

Setting up a project or program that generates social impact is actually quite simple: You define a target in advance, stay within your estimated costs and spare the nerves of all those involved.

We have planned and implemented hundreds of social projects, in most cases in collaboration with individuals and institutions from politics, economy and civil society. Or even with all of them together, across sectors.

Our services:

  • During project preparation, we support you in setting project targets, recording processes and planning deadlines and budgets.
  • We always proceed carefully, because we know that doing things differently is a good choice, but not always the best. Sometimes it can make sense to preserve what has proven.
  • During project support, we assist teams to effectively handle complex tasks and projects. As process facilitators we are committed to structured problem solving.
  • We develop feedback components in order to continuously keep an eye on the project process and the achievement of targets. We know benchmarks and how to determine, measure and manage social impact.
  • We help you with the impact analysis & evaluation of projects as well as in communication and public relations.

This is what defines us:

  • From over 3,000 project and field analyses, we know the needs and funding gaps in the non-profit sector.
  • We know how to combine core business and societal engagement - for companies, foundations and all others who want to provide funding
  • We have established an extensive network of contacts in the fields of economy, civil society and politics & administration.

What can we do for you?

Juliane Hagedorn

Head of Consulting
+49 30 520 065 315
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