Friends of PHINEO

Friends of PHINEO

Who are the Friends of PHINEO?

The Friends of PHINEO are a group of sponsors who support the analysis and the awarding of the Seal of Impact to particularly effective non-profit organizations.

What is the Seal of Impact?

PHINEO’s Seal of Impact is a seal of approval for particularly effective non-profit projects. In Germany there are two charity seals, one of them is the Seal of Impact (“Wirkt-Siegel”). It is available free of charge.

The Seal of Impact is the result of a scientific method developed by PHINEO, in which we thoroughly analyze organizations for their quality.

Only when all aspects of the project, its funding and the people involved have been fully explored, an independent panel of experts will decide together with PHINEO whether the organization will receive the Seal of Impact.

How can I become a member?

With a donation of 10.000 Euro per year you can join the Friends of PHINEO.

With this funding you enable us to analyze and provide professional support to two non-profit organizations.

Who is Friends of PHINEO for?

Entrepreneurs, lawyers, scientists, celebrities – Friends of PHINEO brings together committed people from all sectors to jointly realize the vision of a strong civil society.

Chancellor Angela Merkel

"PHINEO examines the effectiveness of societal engagement. Particularly convincing projects are awarded the Seal of Impact."

What's in it for me?

With your funding, you make a decisive contribution to ensuring that outstanding organizations achieve adequate public visibility - and receive more financial support. You will also help us to establish the concept of impact orientation in the public perception of society.

  • You expand your network: Once a year all Friends of PHINEO members meet up. Take this opportunity for an informal exchange with like-minded people!
  • You ensure greater transparency in the sector: The Seal of Impact serves as a guideline for sponsors. By expanding the pool of recommended organizations with your funding, you make a significant contribution to ensuring that sponsors learn more about pioneering funding approaches. And, impact-oriented organizations will gain faster the visibility that they need.
  • You can get into close contact with organizations: We regularly award the Seal of Impact to organizations. As a sponsor you are cordially invited to get to know your organization and to congratulate it personally. We would be happy to initiate a personal contact with an organization and support you if you are planning a more extensive commitment.
  • You enable two non-profit organizations to receive free organizational consulting: By providing funding, you ensure that we can support organizations without them having to pay for it. The costs for the analysis are borne solely by the sponsors.
  • You can deduct the donation from your taxes.

Kerstin Einecke, VbFF e.V.

"We are pleasantly surprised at the many positive reactions that our PHINEO Seal of Impact has generated. PHINEO has helped us to become more public."

What is the purpose of the seal?

The Seal of Impact contributes to the efforts of non-profit organizations to invest more than before in the quality of their work, which demonstrably leads to a significant competitive advantage.

In addition, by paying more attention to the actual impact of projects, it motivates organizations to take a closer look at their own effectiveness and report with more transparency on their work.

And that works?

Absolutely! A survey, in which 114 of our awarded organizations took part, revealed the following picture:

  • 94% would recommend the PHINEO analysis procedure to other organizations.
  • 78% confirm higher fundraising income due to the award.
  • 58% entered into new cooperations as a result of the award. The seal also acts as a door opener for foundations.
  • 79% stated that they had benefited from an image improvement as a result of the award.
  • 83% used the analysis process for internal learning & quality development and initiated changes in the organizations.

Are you interested?

Then please get in touch with us! We will answer all questions in detail and immediately.

How can I help you?

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