Volunteering Day: How John Deere links social engagement and core business

For the past five years, PHINEO has been the engagement partner of John Deere and the John Deere Foundation.

The Day of Caring was the first format to emerge from this cooperation in the field of Corporate Volunteering. Once a year, volunteers at six locations throughout Germany pack bags with food, decorate them and add greetings. These bags are donated to eight local stores by Die Tafel and thus distributed to people in need in their region.

Mr. Mitsch, chairman of the local store in Mannheim, reports on the partly emotional reactions of his customers to this donation: "The people here are really happy about the campaign and ask our employees lots of questions about it. We know elderly people who grew up with the plant in the neighborhood before the war, even before it was taken over by John Deere. For them, the joy is especially great when they feel that such a traditional company is doing something for them.

The positive feedback and the unbroken demand show that the CSR project has hit a nerve. Because tradition is an important keyword for many John Deere employees: "In our region, everything you do three times in a row becomes a tradition," reports an employee from the Gummersbach location with a wink, "so it is a matter of honour that we are participating every year!”

  • For years, a project team consisting of employees from John Deere, the John Deere Foundation and PHINEO has been ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the big day. And the figures show that the many months of preparation and good implementation are well worth it!
  • This year, 400 employees packed 8,700 bags of food together. Over 30,000 kilos of preserved food thus reached those households that needed it most.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary, this year the Day of Caring was even extended: Out of three nonprofit organizations in their region, all volunteers were given the opportunity to choose one they would like to support most. On their behalf, the John Deere Foundation made an additional financial donation to the chosen organization.

"It is important to us that the employees get the chance to get actively involved in the region. Our thanks go to each and every one of them and especially to our project partners from John Deere, the John Deere Foundation and Die Tafel! We are looking forward to further expanding the cooperation and to firmly establishing social engagement even more in the company through attractive offers," says Julia Kaesemann from PHINEO.

Are you interested in how companies can assume responsibility? Corporate Volunteering sounds exciting to you? How can one live Corporate Citizenship beyond that? Please contact us at juliane.hagedorn@phineo.org.

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