Case: Social engagement in the core business

Olympus: Corporate Citizenship Policy for global business

Olympus Europe is in charge of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Up to now, the company has pursued a very diverse and historically grown engagement, which has varied from country to country.

Olympus Europe's goal was to focus its engagement throughout the EMEA region on topics and approaches that fit well with the company's core competencies.

This common framework should facilitate the work of the individual countries by providing orientation and enabling mutual support. Olympus also wanted to increase the social impact of its engagement by focusing on its core business. At the end there should be a guideline for the selection and implementation of social projects.

Project partner: Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG

We first analyzed the social engagement of Olympus Europe to date and categorised it thematically:

  • What were the objectives?
  • How many projects and resources exist in the different categories?
  • What impact has been achieved so far?

Subsequently, management and representatives from the individual countries were involved in internal stakeholder dialogues to incorporate their experiences and perspectives for future engagement: Why should Olympus get engaged? Which societal change is Olympus striving for? And what can Olympus contribute to society in particular?

The results of the analysis and stakeholder dialogues were then discussed in a workshop with the Olympus Europe managers and country representatives. In this workshop the participants developed a framework for the future engagement of Olympus Europe.

This framework defined the thematic priorities of the engagement and contained specific criteria on which social projects should be aligned in the future. The importance was not to develop the future engagement from scratch, but rather on the basis of existing, effective projects also taking into account the expertise of the stakeholders.. Social needs and entrepreneurial perspectives also played an essential role in defining focal points and criteria.

After the workshop, Olympus Europe developed a Corporate Citizenship Policy for the entire EMEA region with our support.

Olympus Europe has now gained clarity as to the areas in which they want to and can make a contribution to society. This engagement is embodied in a Corporate Citizenship Policy that applies across all countries in the entire EMEA region. Thus, there are clear and unified rules on how procedures for a project selection are carried out and which criteria must be taken into account when planning and implementing projects.

"The cooperation was based on trust and characterized by high consulting competence as well as a common passion for the topic".

Juliane Hüppe, EMEA Head of HR People & Organization & CSR

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