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Currently we are not analyzing any projects.

As soon as we start a new application process, we will inform you here and on the homepage! Alternatively you can register for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook. On both channels, we always provide timely information about new calls for proposals.

What's a call for proposals?

At regular intervals we look for themes in the field of civil society and analyze non-profit organizations working in these areas. From the "e.V." to the foundation, from the gGmbH to the gAG.

We are interested in who is involved in a particular area, whichapproach is being used and what impact does it have. In the past, we have already examined numerous themes.

In general, organizations can apply with a project, if the project ...

  • matches the topic of the respective call for proposals,
  • is carried out in Germany and the German-speaking countries,
  • exists for a sufficient period of time for the first results to become visible,
  • is to be continued for at least two more years.

Behind every effective project there is always a strong organization. And both must fit to each other . This is why we also take a close look at the supporting organization in the PHINEO analysis.

"The Seal of Impact helps us to show that we are doing meaningful work that has an impact. That way, we can generate interest from donors who we otherwise would not reach." Michael Nattke, Kulturbüro Sachsen e.V.

Who can participate in a call for proposals?

Non-profit projects and organizations. In partcular, when they ...

  • are recognised as non-profit organization in Germany and have a notice of exemption,
  • are not a public corporation,
  • have their registered office in Germany, and
  • act on an operational level - and not purely promotional.

By the way:

  • The entire analysis process is free of charge.
  • In the analysis we always take into account the size of an organization and the project.
  • All data will be treated in strict confidence and we will only publish those projects that receive the Seal of Impact - only with your consent! We do not keep or publish a negative list or anything like that!

If you have any questions, just give us a call!

"Two funding requests resulteddirectly from the Seal of Impact. Thank you for that!" - In der Gemeinde leben gGmbH

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