Corona Relief Fund: Together for a strong Civil Society!

In the Corona crisis, civil society is needed more than ever. At the same time, the existence of many non-profit organisations and associations is threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic: no income is generated, costs continue to run, subsidies and donations break down and very few organisations have financial reserves.

In response, PHINEO gAG has initiated a Corona Relief Fund, which aims to secure the existence of particularly vulnerable and yet impactful German civil society organizations and their beneficiaries and communities sustainably throughout the crisis. Not only will this ensure their survival, but they will also be able to pick up operations again smoothly after the peak crisis phase is over.

There are currently approximately 600.000 non-profit organizations in Germany. These include human services organizations that focus on people that are particularly affected by the Corona crisis, such as vulnerable elderly, out of school children, out of school/work youth, minorities (e.g. at risk refugees and refugee women), people with particular physical, mental or emotional condition and needs and others.

A response to this crisis is now crucial for the survival of a great number of these non-profits and thus for the support of their beneficiaries. As a "fighter for civil society", PHINEO plays a very important role with the Fund. Our mission is to rapidly and efficiently reach and help as many vulnerable and endangered organizations as possible and in doing so, supporting and caring for their beneficiaries.

Primary Population Served

German based organizations that

  • are recognized as non-profits and have a notice of exemption
  • are in acute financial difficulties and struggling for their existence due to Covid-19
  • are financed mainly (>50%) by private sources (through grants from foundations, companies or private individuals, as well as income from special-purpose and commercial operations)
  • have achieved a profit on average over the years 2017 to 2019 (total annual results greater than 0) and provide evidence of impact-oriented work as well as transparent reporting
  • have already taken further support measures, such as short-time working, the use of the assistance measures of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and borrowing on "corona framework conditions"

Preference is given to small and medium-sized organizations with an annual budget of up to 2.5 million EUR and up to 40 employees;

The Process

A digital application system ensures up-to-date, low-threshold and rapid access to the resources of our Corona Relief Fund. With the support of experts PHINEO will review the applicants (due diligence) on an ongoing basis. The needs will be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively using defined indicators based on the application criteria. Only after having satisfactorily answered all our questions will the organizations be considered for the funding.

The Funding

The funding period is 3 to 6 months (max. until 31.12.2020).

We support each organization individually. Therefore, the amount of funding varies as well. based on the individual funding needs. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the resources applied for and the expected effects are in reasonable proportion.

What results are expected from the program?

Outcomes for non-profit organizations we reach

  • As a result of the funding, the particularly vulnerable organizations will be able to continue to carry out their activities and hence continue to support and service their own target group
  • A more rapid non-bureaucratic funding will save many jobs that are now in danger due to lack of financial power and reserve funds of the non-profits
  • In the long term, the program will provide those in need with a support framework in the case of further challenges resulting from the Corona crisis, e.g. through an additional funding

Outcomes for the beneficiaries/target group of the non-profit organizations

  • Preservation of German civil society: Civil society organizations are an integral part of a well-functioning society and paramount in all efforts towards greater social cohesion and prosperity. With every funding a non-profit organization will be strengthened, which in turn will support them to achieve their mission and help individuals in need. Since efficiency in this context are crucial for the survival of those organizations, digitalizing the process of disseminating funds is an essential tool to master the challenges.
  • Supporting particularly vulnerable people by helping the non-profits to continue to provide their services.