Digital with it!? - How the digital transformation of the social sector can succeed

To ensure that the digital change in the future is not driven solely by economic interests, a debate is needed on what the digital society of tomorrow should look like.

Finally, the drive for innovation offers significant opportunities for the social sector. Because digitisation can also mean more participation, more effective work flows and more innovative business models.

The report "Digitalisation needs civil society" ...

  • outlines ways in which social actors can become more digital,
  • reports how individual playerssucceed in using digitisation as a tool for organizational development,
  • discusses various digitisation strategies, for organizations and foundations as well as for associations and initiatives, and
  • lists almost 340 selected projects from Germany and abroad that are successfully addressing the digital change.

The report is intended to encourage and provide suggestions, without excluding the problems.

Project partners: Robert Bosch Stiftung, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, PHINEO | Duration: 2018-2019

    Currently, the social sector is digitally divided in two groups:

    • On one side is the large group of players for whom digitisation is a new concept. This group struggles with the uncertainties of implementing digitisation into existing organizational logics. It is a complex undertaking, as the use of digital processes challenges traditional working methods and hierarchies.
    • On the other side, there is a smaller group of actors who have carried digitisation in their organizational DNA since their foundation. These players are only getting involved because they want to develop specific digital solutions. However, these actors are often less networked within the sector.
    • It would make sense to bring both sides into dialogue with each other in order to create mutual synergies. The report should also help to achieve this.

    Our intention is to make digitisation an issue. Above all, we want to gett civil society starting to develop its own digitisation strategies!

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